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Scholastic Inc is an international corporation that publishes a variety of books aimed at children and disributes them through both traditional channels and Book Club programs operated in several countries. Flyers aimed at various age groups are distributed regulalry through classroom teachers and usually include a large number of LEGO-related titles. Especiall popular are such series as Brickmaster, Dorling Kindersley visual encylopedias, video games and books that include LEGO elements such as the Klutz guides.



The following are titles published by Scholastic Inc:

Klutz Press

The Klutz Press started as in independant publisher in Palo Alto California in 1977 with a single title: Juggling for the Complete Klutz which came packaged with a set of juggling balls. The company has since produced many activity-driven books including several titles licenced by the LEGO Company which include a small amount of LEGO elements that can be used to build machines described in the books. The company was acquired by Scholastic Inc in 2002.


The following titles were published by Klutz Press (pre-acquisition) or under that name after 2002.

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