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Save the Spaceship is a book published in support of the Rock Raiders theme.

Publishers Info

  • Writer: Anna Knight
  • Illustrators: Roger Harris
  • Publisher: Dorling Kindersley


Save the Spaceship is an interactive puzzle storybook released in 1999, every scene in the book is accompanied by a puzzle relating to something a character said or saw. The book is considered non-canon, due the absence and altering of major events, only the ending is considered canon. Though the book is mostly non-canon, it has been praised for giving more shots from inside the LMS Explorer.

The Rock Raiders are returning home after a long mission. While at the outer edges of a solar system, an asteroid crashes into the LMS Explorer, the ship is cast into orbit around an unknown, earth-like planet.

Chief gathers everyone into the engine room for a mission briefing, stating that they will need to collect much LEGO Ore and Energy Crystals. Docs volunteers to command a team to gather the crystals and ore.

The five Rock Raiders are teleported down the planet’s surface, everyone gathers into the Tunnel Transport and flies to the nearest cavern. While examining the nearby rocks, a Rock Monster smashes the cavern wall and pulls out an Energy Crystal.

Bandit takes a Rapid Rider, which is known as a Cat in the book, and travels down an icy lake. While he is sailing, an Ice Monster rises out of the water and attempts to smash the sailor with a stalactite, Bandit is forced to go through the rapids to escape.

Meanwhile Docs and Jet are riding a Hoverboard, searching for an appropriate area for Rock Raiders HQ. Docs uses his GeoScanner and finds the right spot.

Axle and Sparks gathered a few Energy Crystals, but doing so got the attention of four hungry Rock Monsters. Axle tells Sparks to throw the Crystals and that the Rock Monsters will follow them.

Docs and Jet have entered an ice cavern and encountered an Ice Monster and a Lava Monster battling. The Lava Monster attempts to burn the two Rock Raiders, but fails.

Later everyone has gathered at the spot Docs and Jet found for Rock Raiders HQ. Docs, using his GeoScanner finds a cache of LEGO Ore and Energy Crystals, buried deep underground.

Axle begins drilling with the Chrome Crusher but is quickly stopped by Docs. There is a pocket of explosive gas in-between the cache and the cavern wall. The Rock Raiders stabilize the gas using water from the nearby lake.

Jet went searching for Energy Crystals while the Rock Raiders HQ was being constructed. She had managed to collect four Energy Crystals, but before she could get back a small volcano erupted and knocked her unconscious and out of the Tunnel Transport.

After Jet makes it back to Rock Raiders HQ with the Energy Crystals, she and the other Rock Raiders use dynamite to blast through the last layer of rock blocking the Energy Crystal and LEGO Ore cache.

Once the cache is unveiled, a Rock Monster and Lava Monster attack and destroy the Rock Raiders HQ. Using parts of the base, the Rock Raiders construct a temporary Teleport Pad.

The Teleport Pad works and the Rock Raiders made it back on board the LMS Explorer. However the Rock Monster that attacked managed to get aboard too. Docs eventually found the Rock Monster and fed it some Energy Crystals.

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