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BNSF GP38-2, the prototype of LEGO set 10133 BNSF Locomotive. Image is from [1] by permission of Jeremiah Siembida.  
Please note: This image may not fall under any copyleft-style copyright (such as Creative Commons or GPL) and as such, reproduction is potentially illegal.

In LEGO (and other) modelling, a prototype is the real-world version of what is being modelled. For LEGO modellers these are most often trains, buses, cars, trucks and buildings however others do exist such as mecha and spaceships (where the prototype is a often a fictitious scale model).

Set: 10133
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Lugnet Brickset

The photograph to the right shows the prototype of BNSF Locomotive (10133) for illustrative purposes. There are a number of LEGO sets based on prototypes including the Santa Fe Super Chief (10020) and the Ferrari F430 Challenge (8143).

External references

  • This Brickshelf folder of Luca Juventino contains pictures of the prototype and model of a Turin tram.

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