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Programmable bricks (PBricks) include the Cybermaster, RCX, the Scout, and the Spybot.


Cyber Master

Note that while the Cybermaster is fully programmable, it has memory restrictions on such that it is preferable to use it as a remote rather than an automaton. The cybermaster also is a programmable brick which uses old sequence codes in addition to that the cybermaster has 1 motor port and 3 sensor ports. However, these sensor ports are only compatible with passive sensors.


See article NXT


The RCX is the longest running and most popular Pbrick, with its reign ending only recently with the release of Lego Mindstorms NXT.It had 3 motors(output), and three sensor(Input) ports.It had two main stream programs:Robolab and the commercial Mindstorms program.

Other Pbricks

  • Microscout (There is the "P" mode, where VLL commands can be used to upload command sequences.)
  • Bionicle manas A special brick which connects through an infrared beam which you control through remote. The manas has 2 built in motors.
  • Scout A special brick which arrives in the robotics discovery set by mindstorms. The scout can download a small program to the micro-scout but is not programmable. It has 2 sensor ports for passive sensors and 2 motor ports for electronic devices and motors. In addition it has a built in light sensor.
  • The Interface B is another brick which is programmable but cannot move. Being so because the Interface B has a USB connector so it cannot use infrared transmission and gains energy from a computer. It has 4 sensor ports for passive sensors and 4 sensor ports for active sensors. In addition, it has 8 motor ports and 1 test motor port that is kept on at all times.
  • The Control Center is another brick like the interface B which is programed through USB connection. It has 3 sensor ports and about 2 motor ports.
  • The Control Center II is the same as the control centre only it has 6 more ports.
  • Some people argue that the spybotic Brick is not a PBrick because it does not have a user accessible programming interface. However, NQC and MindScript both support this PBrick.
  • The Codepilot is programmable in that it can store and execute sequential commands. However, it can not perform computations or logic.
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