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Presenting your LEGO creation online or simply recording what you have built for posterity usually involves photography. There are specific challenges to successfully photographing models made from LEGO elements, particularly in avoiding harsh glare from reflected light.


Photos as art

For some the photographs of LEGO rise to the level of art itself. Mike Stimpson for example, has recreated famous photographs from the past using minifigures and bricks. Not only does he post the images to Flickr but he maintains a separate photostream for photographs of his works in progress.

Photo Hosting Sites

See also: category:resources.

BrickShelf was one of the earliest LEGO-related websites and was designed for fans to share photos of what they had built. It has become a huge archive of the early online sharing for the community but has been joined by sites such as the LEGO-specific MOCpages and general photo-sharing sites like Flickr.

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