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Pepper Roni is a character on the games LEGO Island, LEGO Island 2, and Island Xtreme Stunts. He is indeed the "Dude With the Food".

His father, Belogna Roni, Was a famous storyteller who mysteriously disappeared. As such, he could no longer look after Pepper, so he was adopted by an old couple (Mama and Papa Brickolini) who ran a pizzeria. As Pepper grew up, his surragate parents would have him deliver pizzas to the locals of Lego Island. Pepper grew very fond of pizza and gladly helped the old couple in any way he could. His greatest challenge came when the dastardly thief, the Brickster, escaped from jail and caused trouble on Lego Island. Thanks to the help of his friends (particularly his best friend Skye Lane), his pizza and his trusty skateboard, Pepper defeated the Brickster and became a national hero.

In another story never published, Pepper attempts to find his father. Traveling in disguise he goes on his search unknowingly followed by a concerned Skye. Pepper eventually ends up having to save Skye from thin ice and the two are reunited. At this point Skye finally helps Pepper realize his father is long gone and that it shouldn't bother him because Mama and Papa Brickolini love him.

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