Pacific Northwest LEGO Train Club

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Logo for PNLTC (Pacific Northwest LEGO Train Club)

PNLTC (Pacific Northwest LEGO Train Club)

Website URL
Services and activities N/A
Year founded 1997-2004 (now defunct)
Membership type(s) N/A
Membership cost N/A
Target audience General interest but geographic:
AFOLs in the Pacific Northwest, USA area.
Discussion groups? N/A

PNLTC (Pacific Northwest LEGO Train Club) was the LTC for the American Pacific Northwest.


PNLTC was founded in early 1997 to serve the entire Pacific Northwest (USA) region. Ben Fleskes, Dan Parker, and Steve Barile started the club. In 2004, PNLTC spilt into PSLTC (for the Seattle/Tacoma area) and GPLR (for the Portland area). It was an amicable split, the club had grown enough for both geographies to be viable on their own, and for a split to make sense, and both clubs continue to work together.

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