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Operation Bricklord (OpB) is a set of cooperative display guidelines for WWII-themed MOCs.


Originally created by fans of BrickArms as a way to display WWII-themed MOCs at BrickCon in Seattle in 2009, the name Operation Bricklord was created emulate the D-Day landings in Normandy 1944 which were Operation Overlord.

see: first mention on the BrickArms forums

The guidelines were originally prepared for a single event with a limited theme. Shortly after the introduction in the fall of 2008 other AFOLs who were attending Brickworld in the summer of 2009 organized an OpB display for that event. This display was designated: Operation Bricklord: Brickworld Task Force (OpB:BW) which will be the first physical display using these guidelines.

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