Ohio Kentucky Indiana LEGO User's Group

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OKILUG (Ohio Kentucky Indiana LEGO User's Group)

Website URL http://okilug.com
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings, shows and displays
Online: website
Year founded 2010
Membership type(s) adults
Membership cost
Target audience greater Cincinnati, Ohio, USA area
Discussion groups? public feedback

OKILUG is the home of the Ohio Kentucky Indiana Lego Users Group, whose purpose is to facilitate adults in the sharing of the LEGO hobby. They claim to be a varied group of adults from all walks of life. OKILUG affords its membership a diverse range of exposure and does not favor one form of the hobby over another. They value camaraderie and pursue it by providing members the opportunity to meet other adults who share a common fascination of LEGO through correspondence, meetings and events.

General Club Activity

They hold regular meetings with a strong social aspect. They have exhibited at Newport on the Levee, Cincinnati Comic Expo and host the Kentucky Brick Expo.

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