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Ogel (LEGO spelled backwards) is the ruthless supervillain of the Alpha Team Theme. He has been the main villain throughout the series, constantly coming up with new schemes to defeat Alpha Team and control the world. His first plot was to use Mind Control Orbs to turn regular people into mindless skeleton-like Drones. These Drones were reverted to normal when the Orbs were detroyed by Alpha Team. Ogel returned the following year with a new plan to use mutant sea creatures to control the world's oceans. That plan was thwarted when Agent Dash reversed the controls to the Orb making machine. Ogel's underwater base was destroyed, but Ogel escaped before it exploded. His most recent plan for domination was freezing the world with new Ice Orbs that could freeze anything. His plan succeeded, but he was then stopped by special agent Zed in his Blizzard Blaster. He was in love with Radia. Greg Farshtey, the writer of Bionicle, Exo-Force, and Alpha Team, among others, has stated that he is his favorite non-Bionicle villian.


Skeleton Drones

Ogel's minions, who are people who have been effected by Mind Control Orbs. Their appearance changes numerous times during the series, as do their weapons, and vehicles.

Super Ice Drone

A Skeleton Drone with a black head that pilots the Scorpion Orb Laucher. It could possibly be a robot.

Evil Orbs

An Evil Orb is Ogel's main tool for all the missions. There are three types.

Mind Control Orb: This orb takes control of ordinary Lego Town citizens and turns them into zombies.

Mind Control Orb 2.0: Same as first, only allows Ogel to mutate sea creatures' minds as well as humans.

Ice Orb: Freezes anything it touches.

Ogel Bases

Ogel has had several bases in the series.

Ogel Island Laboratory: Ogel grows the plants used in the evil orbs here in his massive greenhouses and ships them out in Plant Shipping Crates. They are sent out by his Trouble Train.

Goo Caverns: Ogel harvests the goo used in the evil orbs here which are put in barrels. Both Plant Shipping Crates and barrels of goo are put in his Trouble Sub and shipped to the next base.

Ogel's Undersea Base: The plants and goo are unloaded from his Trouble Sub. Also, all the components of the evil orbs are put together here, at the D.O.O.M.(Device for Ominous Orb Manufacture) Machine.

Ogel's Hidden Arctic Base: Ogel loads the evil orbs from his undersea base onto the Boggle Rocket here. His plan was to launch them all over the world and turn everyone into his slave.

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