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Not available in any store is a marketing term that LEGO uses in their LEGO Direct Shop at home catalogs. Like all marketing terms, it doesn't necessarily have a specific meaning. However, the meaning that has been observed, at least in the US and UK, is that this is an item that LEGO is not making available through general retail channels. It is typically seemingly more restrictive than Hard to find.

Here are some examples of items observed to carry this tag in the past:

Note that many "not available in any store" items are nevertheless available in LEGO brand retail outlets. In other words, brand retail outlets don't count as "stores" under this terminology scheme, despite being located in malls, having cash registers, etc. Toys R Us also sometimes gets such exclusive items.

"Not available in any store" does not seem to correlate with whether sets are currently in production or not.

Contrast with Hard to find and Limited quantities.

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