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Two simple Moonbase modules joined together.
A Moonbase Module is a single MOC built using the Moonbase Modular building standard. A Moonbase display is two or more modules linked together.


  • Each module is built on a 48x48 stud baseplate, multiples thereof, or equivalents.
ie: nine 32x32 baseplates laid out in a square cover the same area as four 48x48 baseplates.
  • Light grey (or bley) is the normal colour for baseplates.
  • There must be at least one Corridor connection, preferably at the 10-brick floor height.
  • Nothing should be built on or over a four-stud border of the module except the requisite airlocks.


Within the bounds of the rules a builder is free to build whatever type of module they like. Large or small, serious or not so serious, modules can even cross themes. Castle-themed modules have been especially popular as a cross-over but adapting what might traditionally be thought of as town structures is also common in Moonbase builds. Apartment buildings, classic diners, nightclubs and other civilian structures create a vision of a real community in space.

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