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Moderation is the process of reviewing content for suitability. Read more about moderation at Wikipedia. Moderation can happen before material is released (pre) or after it has been released by the originator (post)

In the LEGO community various sites have different levels of moderation.

Some examples (not an exhaustive list)

  • LUGNET does not pre or post-moderate since it has a no censorship policy, but has a process called "murfling",1 which hides post content when viewed from the web interface when it contains content which may not be appropriate for all viewers. The content remains accessable, and can be read by clicking a link.
  • Brickshelf images are pre-moderated and users get a blank folder or a "this image not moderated" message when following folder links. However a deeplink works prior to moderation.
  • MOCPages does not pre-moderate MOC postings but does post moderate and currently premoderates comments/reviews
  • Brickset pre-moderates reviews of sets.
  • BrickLink has an unclear policy about moderation.
  • The LEGO Web Club discussion boards are pre-moderated.
  • Many theme specific communities such as, and so on, post-moderate postings in their discussion groups or may lock threads to dampen down discussion in areas that are straying.


1 - Description of murfling on LUGNET

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