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LEGO's Mindstorms series is LEGO's robotics product line. It includes the following products. The product name abbreviations and corresponding programmable bricks are mentioned in parantheses.

The following related products are not part of the Mindstorms product series:

  • Spybotics series (Spybot)
  • Cybermaster (CM, Cybermaster)
  • CodePilot (CodePilot).
  • Bionicle Manas (Manas)

Please see: LUGNET Robotics Group.

Programmable Bricks

Main article: Programmable brick

There are 8 Programmable Bricks (PBricks) that can be arranged in several categories:

  • Fully Programmable
  • Semi-programmable
    • Scout
    • Codepilot
  • Non-programmable, Controllable
    • Microscout
    • Manas

For FIRST LEGO League, currently only the RCX is used but NXT will be introduced into FLL Challenges in future years.


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