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The Micro Scout is a programmable brick with one built-in motor and light sensor. It was included in the #9748 Droid Developer Kit (released 1999) and the #9754 Dark Side Developer Kit (2000). Powered by two AA/LR6 batteries, it features:

  • a 4 bit microprocessor
  • 14 bytes of accessible memory using the "P" Program (Power Mode)
  • 7 Built-in Programs
  • Built-in light sensor
  • 9v motor
  • a speaker for output


The seven built-in "programs" produce simple behaviors. They are geared for specific models in the kits.

1. One Direction 
Runs the built-in motor in reverse. The sample robot in 9748 DDK, L-3G0 will move backwards and turn to it's right while the motor in reverse (in a circle if the motor stays on, as it does in this mode). R2D2 is simiarly geared and has the same behavior.
2. Two Directions 
Runs the built-in motor in reverse for a while then forward. L-3G0 is geared to move in a straight line forward when the motor is running in forward. After doing a few loops L-3G0 will drive straight forward.
3. Seek Light 
Same as Program 1, but when the light sensor detects a direct beam of light, the motor will change direction and move forward. The motor will stop if you break the beam of light, and it will go forward again once the light is restored. L-3G0 will drive in a circle until it is facing a bright light then move toward it.
4. Light Control 
The motor is off until the light sensor detects light. As long as the light sensor is activated, it will drive. The motor starts out in forward, and if you flash the light beam twice, like you double-click a Mouse, it will switch to reverse. Flash twice again and it will switch back to forward, and so on. But again, if the light sensor isn't being triggered, the motor will stop. L-3G0 will sit still until you flash a flashlight at it, then it will go forward. You can use the flash light as a remote control since reverse also turns: you have control of stop, turn and drive. (This is the most fun).
5. Keep Alive 
It starts out sitting still again, and if you rapidly flash a light at it, the motor will engage forward, accelerating as it runs. Stop flashing the light and the motor will slow to a stop. L-3G0 will react to the light sensor by accelareating or decelerating. You have to keep flashing the light to keep the Droid alive.
6. Alarm 
The motor is still until the intensity of the light changes. When the light changes the motor alternates between forward and reverse and the speaker emits a series of beeps. L-3G0 will stay still in a bright or dark room until someone walks in front of the light or walks up holding a light, then sounds the alarm, turning and beeping and moving back and forth. (This should be a very Artoo-like behavior, but the execution leaves something to be desired.)
7. Code 
The speeker emits a sequence of short and long beeps. If the light sensor then detects a matching sequence of long and short flashes of light, the motor will engage forward. If a series of non-matching flashes is detected, the motor will engage in reverse. L-3G0 plays a simple memory game with someone holding a flashlight.

The number of the currently selected program is indicated on the Mirco Scout's LCD display.

There is also the "Control" program, indicated by the letter "P", which allows the Scout to communicate with it by a Visible Light Link.

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