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Logo for Michigan LEGO Users Group (MichLUG)

Michigan LEGO Users Group (MichLUG)

Website URL http://www.michlug.org
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings, shows and displays
Online: Yahoo discussion group, website
Year founded 2000
Membership type(s) 2 classes, Associate for 14 to under 18,
Full for 18 and over.
Participation at display and meeting
is required to gain membership
Membership cost Free
Target audience General interest but geographic:
AFOLs in the Michigan, USA area.
Discussion groups? Members only Yahoo group, open announcement group, officer only Yahoo group, special project groups as required

The Michigan LEGO Users Group (MichLUG) is the LUG for Michigan and the surrounding areas (Northern Indiana, Northeastern Illinois, Toledo Ohio-area, and Windsor, Canada.)



MichLUG was founded in October of 2000. The first meeting was on October 21st in DeWitt, Michigan. Rick Hallman, Scott Sanburn, Tony Hedglen, Ryan Schave, Valerie Urbas, Chris Leach, Jason Spears, Lester Witter, Steve Bliss, Trevor Pruden & Mark Koesel. Since then MichLUG has gained many members and lost a few. Its current roster, includes 29 members.


MichLUG has formal bylaws and 4 annually elected officers (President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer), who collectively form the Executive Committee. The EC has power to appoint other (non EC) officers such as Membership Chair, SIG chairs and Webmaster. Major decisions are put to a vote of the whole membership, while consensus is typically sought for other non emergency decisions where practical.


MichLUG is active in the local show circuit, having done over 35 different train shows, comic and SF conventions, and museum shows/exhibits.

MichLUG members usually meet every few months, often in a central location such as the Lansing, Michigan area, and after discussing club business, enjoy showing off their MOCs, doing parts drafts and occasionally gaming. Meetings are usually followed by a dinner at a local restaurant.


MichLTC Logo

MichLTC is the Michigan LEGO Train Club, a Special Interest Group (SIG) within the MichLUG umbrella. MichLTC is the name that MichLUG uses when displaying town and train layouts at various Model Railroad shows, but more importantly, is the organization under which qualification for ILTCO membership (MichLTC is an Active Member) is held.

The MichLTC logo, to the right, is an example of a fallen flag logo. Done by John Neal for the club, it is a stylization of the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad logo, although not the same logo as shown in the Wikipedia article. (It is the one at top right on this DT&I fan page )


WMLTC is the Western Michigan LEGO Train Club, another SIG within the MichLUG umbrella. Its primary focus is on those members who are closer geographically to the west side of the state than to metro Detroit. The WMLTC logo is another example of a fallen flag, done by Jason Spears. The WMLTC has a separate site at wmltc.org.

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