Melbourne LEGO Train Club

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Melbourne LEGO Train Club

Website URL
Services and activities Online: information.
Real Life: regular meetings, public displays
Year founded 2003
Membership type(s) No restriction
Membership cost Free
Target audience AFOL
Discussion groups? Yes, here

Melbourne LEGO Train Club (Mltc is the preferred acronym - see below) is a group of LEGO train fans in Melbourne, Australia.

The group participates regularly in public displays, all meetings are announced on the email list, and are open to anyone with an interest in LEGO, or related subjects, particularly trains, town, and general scenery.

It is related to MUGS

NB. M>ltc correctly has a '>' in its name - unfortunately the wiki system doesn't allow that character in article titles, so M>ltc should be referred to as Mltc in wiki articles.

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