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Website URL
Services and activities Hosting of LEGO homepages,
no images
Year founded 1997
Membership type(s) Free registration required,
anyone can view
Membership cost Free, but donations accepted
Target audience ALEs worldwide
Discussion groups? Yes

MOCpages provides hosting for LEGO web pages and was founded by Sean Kenney. Registration is required to create personal LEGO pages, displaying and describing a gallery of MOCs. The image are not stored on MOCpages, and members are required to source image storage elsewhere. MOCpages is design to work well with Brickshelf which have hosting of LEGO image service. Registering is free and only requires an e-mail address.

Although MOCpages membership is free, donations are encouraged.

Visitors to MOCpages can vote on which they liked best, write reviews and leave messages. MOCpages pages can be grouped by themes and subthemes. For example, "Space and science fiction > Spacecraft > Cruisers" make a small groups of MOCs for viewing.

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