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Yeomen of the Guard from Wikipedia.  
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A livery is a set of colours and designs designating the owner of something and comes from the traditions of European heraldry (sometimes described as coats-of-arms).

Soldiers or servants in the employ of a particular lord would wear clothing or tunics that, through colour or badges or a combination of both, would identify them as being in the lord's employ. The British Yeomen of the Guard (sometimes incorrectly refered to as "Beefeaters") are know for their distinctive livery which design dates from the Tudor period of British history.

Eventually livery of individual lords evolved into the modern system of uniforms and insignia worn by military forces and other organizations such as Boy Scouts and St. John's Ambulance.

Caboose in BNSF livery.
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In modern times livery most often refers to the paint scheme or colour scheme found on a bus, train, tram or other mass-transit vehicle. It could also be used to refer to the distinctive paint schemes of fire departments. The choice of colours and design is usually chosen by the company which owns the machines to be distinctive but economical.

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