List of Pirates Minifigures

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Captain Redbeard

Captain Redbeard is the captain of the LEGO Pirates crew. He is recognized by his brown epaulettes, hook on his left hand, right peg leg, and his red beard. He appeared in LEGO Racers as the first champion faced. He also was in two teams on Soccer Mania.

King Kahuka

King Kahuka is the leader of the Islanders. He wears a red mask that hides a smiling painted face. He is quite boastful about his racing prowess on LEGO Racers, saying he will "beat you like tribal drum."

Governor Broadside

Governer Broadside was Captain Redbeard's first known foe. Leader of the Imperial Soldiers, he would stop at nothing to capture Redbeard and his crew and bring them to justice.

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