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Logo for Lebgo


Website URL http://www.lebgo.org
Services and activities Real Life: Monthly meetings, Exhibitions and events
Online: Online discussion group, web site
Year founded 2009
Membership type(s) Open to all Bulgarian LEGO fans
Membership cost Free
Target audience Bulgarian LEGO fans of all ages
Discussion groups? Website discussion forums

Lebgo ("Лебго" in Bulgarian) is the Bulgarian LUG, open to all LEGO enthusiasts, regardless of their age. The club's name is a wordplay on LEGO (quite obviously), BG - as is the international identifier of Bulgaria, and the slogan of the Danish company - "Leb Godt". Its main goal is to provide a focal point for local LEGO users where they would be able to find out the latest happenings in the LEGO world, share valuable information, showcase and discuss their own creations, as well as build collaborative projects together. Along with that, the club also aims at manifesting LEGO in Bulgaria as a hobby popular not only with children, but also with many adults as well. Membership is free and there are no charges or restrictions regarding event participation.



Lebgo started as a LUG in mid-2009, after an IP.Board set up for Bulgarian LEGO fans in February started gaining in popularity. The first step towards forming a community was made by organising monthly meetings which would provide an excellent opportunity for discussions in regards to the LUG's future development and events. By the beginning of 2010, Lebgo already had its own domain name and web site in place: [1]. The frontpage of the forum is currently used to provide the latest LEGO-related news to Bulgarian enthusiasts, as well as for any announcements related to the club's activities.

Pesho and Rada (Пешо и Рада)

The two minifigs named Pesho and Rada are used both as the LUG's logo and its primary identification to all audiences. Their popular Bulgarian names are a reference to national culture, as is the couple's attire (both are clad in national Bulgarian costumes, typical for the Sofia area). Pesho and Rada are bound to make appearances at all present and future events organised by Lebgo and will also participate at LEGO events abroad whenever a Lebgo member is present, thus becoming recognisable "flagbearers" of the Bulgarian LEGO Community.


The forum of Lebgo features a separate section aimed specifically at non-Bulgarian speaking visitors who would like to inquire about its activities and/or just keep in touch. Apart from the forum, the LUG can also be contacted via e-mail.

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