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Lands of Classic Castle (LCC) is a role-playing game based around a dedicated forum on Classic-Castle (CC).

What started as a project to encourage historical-themed builders has grown into a fan developed theme and game. In the game participants choose a faction based on the inhabitants off the world of Roawia. Players build MOCs that add to the story and compete in challenges which earn their faction points.


Each faction uses the heraldry of a LEGO Castle faction or subtheme to make identification easier.

Guild Colours LEGO Faction Historical/Fantasy model Geography
Garheim dark blue and blue Black Falcons, Crown Knights Vikings arctic north
Loreos red and gold Crusaders, Kingdoms (Lions) Byzantine/Arabic desert and grasslands
Lenfald dark green/yellow Forestmen, Kingdoms (Dragons) medieval England forests, foothills
Outlaws black Wolfpack, Fright Knights, Skeletons, Trolls, or any other unassigned faction bandits mountains and islands

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