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LUGCO was the LEGO Users Group of Central Oklahoma. This LUG was started by AFOL Todd Trotter in January, 2001.

After an open call on LUGNET to AFOLs in Oklahoma, the first LUGCO meeting was held at Todd Trotter's house. Besides Todd himself, 3 AFOLs showed up: Jon Palmer, Michael Daniels and David Gregory. The group, although small, had a great time and decided to form LUGCO and continue to have club meetings once a month.

The meeting location would generally switch back and forth between Todd's house in Moore and Michael's house in Oklahoma City. LUGCO meetings were usually held on the second Saturday of the month. The 4 original members continued as the core membership of the LUG. Every once in a while a new member or two would show up at a meeting. Membership was free and was open to anyone. A running gag in the club was to initiate new members by making them watch the "Kikia" flash video on One member, Jeremy Sproat, even came to a few meetings from Texas. Jeremy was from the north part of Texas, and at the time the only Texas based LUG was in the southern part of the state. Due to Texas' large size, it was actually a shorter drive for him to attend a LUGCO meeting than it was to attend one in Texas.

Todd started and maintained a website for LUGCO. He continued to renew the site, although it lacked any new content, for almost a decade after the club had ceased to exist. When it was active, the website included pictures and summaries of club meetings and member profiles.

LUGCO never participated in any public shows. The members were enthusiastic about creating new MOCs, but they basically just showed them off to other members of the club. There were often LEGO themed games at meetings such as drag racing (using wind-up or pull-back motors), minifig soccer and even LEGO poker. Parts trading was also a much loved activity at meetings.

After only a couple years, LUGCO activity began to decline. Two of the original members, David Gregory and Jon Palmer, moved out of state, cutting the core attendance in half. Soon after, Todd and Michael lost interest in the LEGO hobby, and LUGCO was folded into the pages of history.

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