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The logo for the game.

LEGO Universe was an online video game produced by NetDevil.


LEGO Universe Creation Lab

An online feature of, this place allows you to upload models, and many other stuff.


  • Professor Brickkeeper
  • Captain Jack Knife
  • Numb Chuck
  • Friendly Felix

Types of characters

  • Regular minifigures
  • Customizable minifigs.
  • Darklings
  • Pirates
  • Ninjas


  • Koi Sushi
  • Endless Ohm
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Kata Sparbots
  • Sea Monster Baits
  • Heliotropic Handle
  • Canon Scrap
  • Worn Tuning Forks
  • Retuned Tuning Forks

My LEGO Network

There was a segment for MLN released recently. Items, Modules, Loops, Videos, Stickers, Skins, and Networkers A.K.A Characters:

  • Prof Brickkeeper
  • Numb Chuck
  • LEGO Universe Skin
  • Capt. Jack Knife
  • Friendly Felix
  • Endless Ohm
  • Heliotropic Handle
  • Retuned Tuning Fork
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Friendly Felix's Concert Module
  • Worn Tuning Fork
  • Plastic Inductor Module
  • Electro-Pellet Module
  • Kata Sparbots

And more!

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