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The Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, Oregon conducted a LEGO Physics Show each year at the Oregon Zoo from 1998-2007. They offered a series of physics classes with curriculum centered on LEGO products. At the end of the school year, they showed off their models at the Oregon Zoo. In 2007 they set up their exhibits in the Elephant Museum.

LEGO Program

The LEGO Program at the School included the following courses

  • LEGO® Builders: 3rd–5th Grade
  • LEGO® Physics: 3rd–5th Grade
  • LEGO®: Little Bit of Everything: 3rd–5th Grade
  • Advanced LEGO® Physics and Robotics: 4th–6th Grade
  • LEGO® Logo:5th–7th Grade
  • Ultimate LEGO® Independent Study: 6th–8th Grade

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