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LEGO Island was a computer game released on PC in 1997, and sold over a million copies that year.



Playable Characters

  • Pepper Roni: "The Dude with the Food", he is the adopted child of Mama and Papa Brickolini, and is arguably the game's "main" character. His real father, Bologna Roni, was a great adventurer, but vanished without a trace. Pepper can not read very well. His favorite food is a pizza, and he is a pizza delivery boy.
  • Papa Brickolini: A chef who makes pizzas and loves to dance. Along with his wife, Mama Brickolini, they adopted Pepper as their son. Papa and Mama first met on a ship to Lego Island. Papa is an excellent dancer, but unfortunately a terrible singer.
  • Mama Brickolini: Papa's wife, a skilled pianist. Although Mama Brickolini has exceptional hearing, she is nearsighted.
  • Nick Brick: A detective of Lego Island who has a keen memory. Laura Brick is his sister, who serves as an officer with him.
  • Laura Brick: Nick Brick's sister, who is also a police officer. She cannot do math or even count very well.

Unplayable Characters

  • Infomaniac: The creator of Lego Island, he is very knowledgeable in many areas and aids the player throughout the game.
  • Brickster: The villain of Lego Island, attempting to dissemble it, brick by brick. He and the Infomaniac were at one time best friends, until the Infomaniac mentioned he was going to make a new minifigure for Lego Island. This made the Brickster jealous, and so he stole bricks from Lego Island to make his own Ogel Island. Pepper, Nick, and Laura caught and arrested him. He currently is in the Lego Island jail.
  • Captain Click: Lego Island's dead pirate, he lives in the cave by Mountain Park. He will give helpful information if the player clicks on the door to the cave or the drawers on the desk on the information center's third floor. His voice is credited as "The Pirate Skeleton" in the credits. His mother was a mermaid. His father was King Neptune, he was.
  • Enter and Return: Lego Island's identical twin medical comedians. Return drives the ambulance, while Enter gives directions.
  • Dr. Clickitt: Lego Island's doctor. His brother is Ed Mail, who is a mailman.
  • Studs Linkin: Lego Island's champion racer. He will frequently brag about his superiority at racing and will resort to making excuses if he loses. The player can challenge him to a race if he/she builds a race car.
  • Rhoda Hogg: A race car driver, she is mean-spirited and insulting during races. However, she is a good sport and will admit to losing fair and square.
  • Margaret Post: The manager of the Super Store. It is closed for remodeling (which is never finished), but she will let the player pick a style. She lives in the house on the south side of Mountain Park.
  • Bill Ding: A building expert who changes his personality depending on the hat he puts on. He aids the player in building various vehicles.
  • Captain D. Rom: Excitable chief of police. He has more energy than he needs when doing his job. He always wants to make an arrest when he can, only to realize that the circumstances are not right.
  • Buck Pounds: The banker. The bank is closed for remodelling. (This also never reopens.) He has a twin brother who wears sunglasses.

Character abilities

  • Mama: Can change the health of people, plants, and buildings
  • Papa: Can change the structure integrity of people, plants, and buildings (how they jump, spin, or flip when they are clicked on)
  • Pepper: Can change people's hats or hair and the plants. Also can change the house on the south side of Mountain Park (the white one with the red roof).
  • Nick: Can change colors of plants and people's body parts (including the ghost in the secret cave).
  • Laura: Can change people's moods and how they walk.


  • Tow Truck Mission : There is a stranded car in the race track that must be towed so the racers can finish the race.
  • Hospital Mission: Dr. Clickitt's drivers are out, and the player must drive the ambulance and help save various citizens of Lego Island.
  • Pizza Mission: The player must deliver pizza across the island. (This ultimately leads up to the Brickster escaping from jail, if you perform this mission as Pepper after building the helicopter.)
  • Race Track: The player must race two laps around a giant, complex race-track (most of which takes place in a cave) against Studs Linkin and Rhoda Hogg. In the middle of the track, there is a giant skeleton who will try to kick the player off the bridge and make him/her drive around the loop again.
  • Jet-ski Race: The player must race two laps around the island against Snap Lockitt and Valerie Stubbins. The main obstacles include stalagmites, boats, buoys, and spinning pyramids.
  • Catch The Brickster: The player must go to the other side of the island from the police station, chase down the Brickster and collect the bricks he drops, find the remaining bricks after the Brickster hides and use the helicopter to launch doughnuts and pizzas to get the Brickster caught displaying the ending movie. (Mission only possible if Pepper is the character)


  • Dr. Clickitt's name is misspelled as Dr. Clickett in the credits. Captain Click is listed as "The Pirate Skeleton" in the credits and Ed Mail is listed as E. Mail in the credits.
  • The sign next to the jail says "PIZZA" unless you are playing as Pepper. In this case, the sign is seen as "PIZAZ" because Pepper cannot read very well.

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