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LEGO Digital Designer or LDD is the software tool that LEGO has provided for creating virtual models. It uses the LXF format, which is incompatible with the LDraw format, but as of version 1.6, LDD will load and save LDraw files.

This tool was used for the LEGO Factory contest in which designers competed to be selected to supply one of 10 designs to be produced as part of the new LEGO Factory line.

This tool is also used to create designs to be fulfilled individually as part of the LEGO Factory program.

LDD runs on Windows and as of release 1.4 (released 25 August 2005) on the Mac.

LDD has an interface designed to be "kid friendly" but which some power users find a bit hard to use. The helps have been characterised by some as "spartan", in keeping with the kid friendly approach of not overwhelming with too much information.

For an article with usage notes, see LDD usage notes. You are invited to add your own usage notes to that article.

You may also be interested in Custom LDD Part Sets.

If you are looking for all the LDD .tix files, they are collected in a category... category:LDD tix files Any one of them will have a link to the latest archive.


  • Version 4.2

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