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Golden Gate Bridge, from Miniland

LEGOLAND California is the third LEGOLAND park, that is located in Carlsbad, California. It opened on March 20, 1999. It is split into eight sections which include The Beginning, Dino Island, Explore Village, Fun Town, Knight's Kingdom, Miniland USA, Pirate Shores and Imagination Zone. A complementary attraction, Sea Life, was added in 2008.



The Beginning

The Beginning is the front of the park which includes the entrance, shops, guest services and a restaurant.

Dino Island

Dino Island opened in 2004. In it there is a mini steel roller coaster called the "Coastersaurus" that curves and dips around giant models of LEGO dinosaurs. Ride length per loop is less than 38 seconds and the line is generally quite long. You can also dig for fake dinosaur bones in the "Dig Those Dinos" attraction.

Explore village

Explore Village includes the "Water Works" attraction, which has dozens of interactive water activities. There is also a water ride called "Fairy Tale Brook", where you ride a boat down a river lined with LEGO models based on fairy tales. There is also a playground, pizza parlor, and a ride called "Safari Trek" which allows the rider to see many life sized Lego models of animals.

Fun Town

Fun Town features two "driving schools", one for children 3-5, the other for children 6-13, where children can learn to drive electric LEGO cars on a closed course. Fun Town also has a "Skipper School" where parents and children can pilot real LEGO boats. Visitors can also take a tour of a LEGO factory to learn how LEGO bricks are made.

Knights' Kingdom

Knight's Kingdom has a Dragon Roller Coaster, the Knights Joust, a huge multi-level wooden play structure, and "Knights' Tournament," a robotic arm ride that swings the rider around like a sword.

Miniland USA

Miniland USA, a miniland scale display, includes reproductions of seven areas of the United States, all constructed with well over 20 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale. It can be seen from many places in the park. From the Coast Cruise ride, one can see some mini models otherwise hidden from view, such as the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower. Miniland is also home to the Model Shop, the main design and build office for LEGOLAND California's ten Master Model Builders. There is a large viewing window at the front so guests can watch the builders at work, usually on new models for the park. The restaurant at the top of the hill, called The Garden Restaurant, was originally its own land.

Cities replicated in Miniland:

Other areas of the United States replicated in Miniland:

The Imagination Zone

In the Imagination Zone visitors can ride a Wild Mouse-style Technic-themed roller coaster, watch a "4-D" movie, or just build with LEGO bricks.

Pirate Shores

Pirate Shores has a log flume, a ride where riders are in a pirate ship firing water cannons at other ships with riders, and a pirate ship with over 60 interactive water gadgets. There was a large advertisement campaign for the area - depicting the attractions as thrill rides. However, the drop on the long flume is no more than 8 feet and the ride is extremely short.

In addition there is a water playground with two giant buckets that dump water on unsuspecting children (and parents).

The Ridge

An old area called The Ridge, which included Sky Patrol and the Kid Power Tower, is now part of Fun Town.

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