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LDD Developer mode

Within the LDD root directory is a file named lego.conf, which contains the line "DeveloperMode=0". Upon changing that boolean to 1, you will have activated a small number of developer functions, which may prove to be of some interest or novelty to power users.

Key Mappings

With developer mode on, hold down the left CTRL and left SHIFT keys while pressing one of the following keys: (Note that it is documented to be the left CTRL and right SHIFT keys, but I found those didn't work.)

  • Toggle Scene, Session & System Statistics: F5
  • Hide Geometry: F6
  • Toggle Internal Brick Connectors: F7
  • Toggle Bounding Boxes: F8
  • Restart: F9
  • Reload Undo Stack: l
  • Increment Building Instructions from Building Mode: >
  • Decrement Building Instructions from Building Mode: <

The internal connecting rod system in use here is quite interesting. With a bit of study, you will learn to understand how parts are joined internally by LDD.

Incremental Building Instructions

The key mappings listed above of CTRL-SHIFT-> and CTRL-SHIFT-< invoke the most useful of the developer mode functions. These keys allow you to step through your building instructions and make any changes you like. Don't want a particular brick in a particular step? Go to that step of the building instructions in question, using the increment and decrement keys, delete the brick, then go to the step where you do want it and put it back. Voila! Clunky building instructions solved! Granted, this can be a lot of work, but usually there are only a few small problems with the generated building instructions, and this is a perfect fix.

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