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Johnny Thunder
Johnny Thunder is a world traveler and adventurer who, along with his friends Dr. Kilroy and Pippin Read, find ancient treasures around the globe.


basic info

Johnny is a treasure hunter from Australia who's following his father's footsteps. Johnny's father was murdered by Barron Von Barron when Johnny was 15. His mother died in a car crash two years later. However this doesn't really affect him much. Johnny also is a hero to many helping others in need.


Johnny is above all extremely kind. He cares alot for other especially his mates and tries to help anyone in need. His eyes have a strange habit of flashing when he's worried about someone. Having lost both his parents Johnny refuses to kill another minifig. He won't even kill Baron to avenge his father.

Johnny enjoys traveling with his mates very much and is willing to sacrifice his life for them if need be. Sometimes when faced with a tough decision he asks himself what his father would do.


Johnny has all the basics in ropes, dodging traps, and other handy skills on the field. He's especially known for his ability to tell when someone needs help though.

Johnny can’t seem to cross old rickety bridges but the reason is unknown. Also it’s very difficult to keep a quiet eye on someone he’s worried about since his flashing eyes will gave him away.


  • Dr. Kilroy: Since he used to adventure with his dad Johnny looks up to Dr. Kilroy as father-like figure. The two were fast friends from their first meeting and seldom argue with each other.
  • Pippin Read: She and Johnny had a bit of a rough start but once Johnny opened up to Pippin, the two realized they had quite a bit in common. They became friends and Johnny feels like Pippin is like his sister.


While Johnny mostly speaks English he does slip in an Australian word or phrase here or there. here are the most common ones.

  • G'day = hello his general greeting
  • Mate = friend though Johnny calls everyone mate
  • Sheila = girl Johnny sometimes refers to Pippin as either "strong brave sheila" or "poor sheila" There is some debate on weather this is a term of endearment but if one is well known in Australian words he’s simply saying “strong brave girl” of “poor girl”

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