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Joe Vig, hatless and clueless

Joe Vig is a hapless minifig who is the star of many humourous vignettes, always involving him being placed in 'unfortunate' situations (of which he is completely oblivious). The name Vig is short for ‘Vignette’. Unlike most other famous minifigs he is a fan creation who has been used by many different AFOLs.


Joe Vig was introduced on LUGNET in March of 2005 by Nelson Yrizarry. His design was a collaboration between Nelson, Mike Crowley, and Patrick Yrizarry.

The first Joe Vig Contest was held in June 2005 and attracted entries from all over the world.

In 2006 Joe Vig's popularity in Japan was such that the Joe Vig page was translated into Japanese.

Make your own Joe Vig

Use a Ron Weasley head from the early Harry Potter sets (pre-fleshies), common brown hair, a red shirt and blue pants. It is also appropriate for Joe to wear headgear appropriate to the activity but it should be white (if available).

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