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Jambalaya is a type of stew prepared by the Cajuns of Louisiana. The word appears to be an evolution of the Provencal-French word "jambalaia," meaning mish mash or mixup. Wikipedia:jambalaya

A Jambalaya (sometimes Jambalaya Box) is an exchange of LEGO elements using a container sent through the mail to a predetermined list of participants.

A Jambalaya is often organized around a theme like castle or train. Each person on the list removes items they would like to keep and adds items they are willing to trade away. The box travels through the list until it returns to the person who created the box.


The purpose of a Jambalaya is to have fun, pick up some elements you may not have, and in a broader sense to build community. It is not considered polite to strip out all the valuable pieces. In fact, it is considered good form to make the box more valuable when it leaves your possession than when you received it. Respecting the theme of the box and/or the community which organized and created the box is also demonstrated by adding only appropriate elements (ie: no Bionicle parts in a Castle jambalaya.)

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