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Logo for IndyLUG (Indianapolis LEGO Users Group)

IndyLUG (Indianapolis LEGO Users Group)

Website URL
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings, shows and displays
Online: forums, website
Year founded 2001
Membership type(s) 18+
Membership cost free
Target audience General interest but geographic:
AFOLs in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana, USA area.
Discussion groups? Members only forums on, open announcement group on LUGNET

IndyLUG is the LUG for Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas.



IndyLUG was founded in the Fall of 2001. The founding members began in-person meetings in the pole barn of member Steve Martin near Brownsburg. Due to the fact that almost all of the founding members had interest in trains, and there were model train shows in Indianapolis, the first shows that IndyLUG participated in were train-centric, such as the Great American Train Show (GATS).

Wanting to expand club membership, IndyLUG promoted themselves on LUGNET to have a open enrollment style meeting early in 2003. On February 9, 2003 IndyLUG had a meeting in Fishers with an attendance of about double of what the club had had before. Many of these new members continued as regulars in the club, which led to IndyLUG's continued membership expansion and participation in a wider variety of shows.

List of Events

General Club Activity

IndyLUG follows a traditional set of club guidelines, having monthly meetings, four officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) and a club constitution.

The monthly meetings are held at members' houses. Unless a holiday or some other event interferes with the date, the meetings are held on the second Sunday of the month and usually start around 2:00. When an IndyLUG meeting begins, there are generally a few hours of casual chitchat before anything official happens. During this time, members talk about new LEGO sets, MOCs they've been working on and various non-LEGO topics. Usually the official meeting starts between 4:00 and 5:00, often by someone saying, "Let's get the meeting started. I have to go by [such-&-such time]." The club president (or vice president, if the president is not present) will call the meeting to order, at which point the club Secretary begins taking meeting minutes. If there are any new people present, the first order of business is to do introductions. This is followed by discussing Old Business. Once all of the discussion about Old Business is had to everyone's satisfaction, they move on to New Business. Topics of New Business can include new shows, group building project ideas, updated information of recurring shows, future meeting locations, decisions on spending club funds or anything else that pertains to the club. Voting on motions is done by a simple majority. The official portion of an IndyLUG meeting can take anywhere from less than half an hour to over two hours, depending on if it's a busy time of year for the club, and if there are any conflicting opinions on topics. Once all club business has been discussed, the meeting is adjourned. Often the members will then order pizza and have supper together. Any group activities, such as a gift exchange or parts draft, are done after the meeting is adjourned.

IndyLUG meetings with annual reoccurring special activities are as follows:

  • January - Officer elections
  • July or August - Pool party in Bloomington
  • December - Christmas gift exchange

All officer positions are voted on annually, and the term for each office is one year. IndyLUG's club year begins on February 1, therefore February 1 through January 31 is the time frame for each term. This offset year was chosen in an effort to include more members in the officer elections. The newly elected officers begin their terms the month following the elections. Therefore using the standard year would mean having elections in December, and since meeting attendance during the busy holiday season was often sparse, the members decided to have elections in January with terms beginning in February. Only "active" members are allowed to nominate, be nominated and vote. IndyLUG considers a member to be active if they have attended at least three club gatherings in the past year's time.

Public Activity

IndyLUG typically participates in several shows throughout the year. These shows can range greatly in size, but are almost always one to three days long. Some shows, such as the Greenfield Brick Expo, feature IndyLUG as the sole attraction, while others, such as the 500 Festival Kids' Day, feature IndyLUG along with many other attractions. While not able to participate in everything, the club is always willing to consider new shows and venues.

Beginning in 2011, IndyLUG started using club funds to donate LEGO sets annually to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.

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