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InZone was a forum belonging to part of the community. It started in the later months of 2006,and had several administrators over time as well as some name changes. It started as a headquarters for the Racing Extreme Design of the now-deleted Drome Racing Challenge, became team-neutral later and eventually changed to a general LEGO discussion board.


InZone began as the "R.E.D HQ" and was registered by the Racing Extreme Design team of the Drome Racing Challenge as a way of sharing secret information regarding strategies and ideas concerning the Drome Racing Challenge. After some time they began advertising it to other members of the Drome Racing Challenge community, taking caution to keep their secrets safe by hiding relevant topics. Pegma_DRC and supergnome were the administrators at the time. They added a library of arcade games to the forum but these were eventually dropped.

When ownership was handed to supergnome, it was decided that the forum should appear completely team-neutral and was named "Drome Central". A contest was held for a new banner and a new Cascading Style Sheet was selected. It remained this way, with supergnome and TheChamp. for administrators, until the Drome Racing Challenge was deleted. When that happened, it was decided that it should have a name that did not reflect the Drome Racing Challenge, and the name "InZone" was selected and approved by popular vote. It was also merged with the Brickgame Message Boards at that time.

At the end, InZone had 124 members and 74,727 posts and it was the most popular Drome Racing Challenge-related forum in the world. Although it has been common for them to allow guests to read any public topic, this has been changed, because of a cracker group called "The Alliance" which threatened to damage InZone, but failed.

The administrators at InZone couldn't keep up with the forum, and they decided it was time to quit. This shocked many members after the promotion of CraZyRacrXtreme to admin, and after Redout was made member of the month. InZone was put to an abrupt halt one day, without warning, which scattered and lost many of the members that were accustomed to InZone. Supergnome, who was the main administrator, told everyone that the site could be possibly reborn, if the new DRC game ever came out. Many people are losing hope, some members from other sites have talked to the assistant InZone owner, TheChamp, and he said that the chances of InZone re-opening is a very slim chance.

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