Imperial Soldiers

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Flag of the Imperial Soldiers
An Imperial Soldier
The Imperial Soldiers were a subtheme of Pirates, from 1989 to 1992. Their troops wore blue uniforms typical of the early 19th century, with epaulets, packs and shakos. Their sailors and officers wear tricorne hats. Their insignia consists of two crossed cannons under a crown, with a fleur-de-lys in each corner of the design. They are led by Governor Broadside, the first foe of Captain Redbeard.

There is speculation if they are meant to represent the French, because of their uniforms and the fleur-de-lys on their insignia. The Imperial Guards are often considered to represent the British in their red coats.

Set List

  • Harbor Sentry (6245)
  • Broadside's Brig (6259)
  • Sabre Island (6265)
  • Lagoon Lock-Up (6267)
  • Carribbean Clipper (6274)
  • Eldorado Fortress (6276)

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