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Website URL http://ibricks.org
Services and activities Online: discussion
Year founded 2007
Membership type(s) Free registration was required to post, no other restrictions. $10 optional membership was available
Membership cost Free
Target audience KFOLs
Discussion groups? Heavily post-moderated including banning and member deletion. Chat style discussion.

iBricks was a LEGO Fansite for LEGO fans of all ages. It was established on January 1st, 2007 by conductorjoe, and was closed in late 2008.


iBricks was a spin-off of Knights of Honor (KOH), which began on the LEGO.com Messageboards, started by conductorjoe. After the messageboard was shut down, many of the members re-gathered on another site. Shortly thereafter, conductorjoe created an IF site for KOH. This gained in popularity but due to some problems, it was closed and replaced with iBricks. On January 1st, the InvisionFree iBricks was closed and the new iBricks was opened running on Invision Power Board 2. It had 184 members as of April 7th, 2007, and at that time had 10 staff members - 5 admins and 5 moderators:.

Admins: Conductorjoe(The owner), Katana, Lukos Bassai, Nova Hunter, Sunburst,

Mods: CastleMann, CrystalFlame, Dante Drazil, red, The_Confused,


Some AFOLs [1] [2] had negative experiences with iBricks. Their experiences suggest that the forum had a policy of censoring percieved non-Christian voices although this was denied by the iBricks owner1.

1 - As added on this page by the owner of iBricks

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