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Templates are pre-formatted text that create things like image boxes in BrickWiki (BW) articles.

A template can be as a short as a single word contained within the special brackets that indicate a template:


Templates can also include data that needs to included to produce the correct result.



Image Templates



  • template:LEGO - typing {{LEGO}} creates the link: [[The LEGO Company|LEGO]] which becomes: LEGO.
  • template:fans - typing {{fans}} creates the link: [[Adult Fans of LEGO|fans]] which becomes: fans.
  • template:BW - typing {{BW}} creates the link: [[Brickwiki:About|BW]] which becomes: BW.

Organizing templates

For templates to be effective, users need to find them, and find out how to use them.

To find them, users can:

  1. Click Special Pages > All Pages
  2. In the Namespace list, choose Template and click Go.

or they can use this link

To give usage information, include an example like this one on the template page:

== Usage ==
Welcome users:
{{Thankyou|reason=your reason|signature=your signature}}

Then, an editor can simply copy and paste the example to use the template.

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