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Hard to find is a marketing term that LEGO uses in their LEGO Direct Shop at home catalogs. It is used to indicate, at least in the US and UK, items that LEGO is not making available through general retail channels in the market that the Shop at Home catalog is issued for.

Here are some examples of items that have carried this tag:

  • A set that is a "TRU exclusive" in the US but which nevertheless is offered in the Shop at Home catalog.
  • A product range, such as Scala, or Belville, not normally offered in the US at all.
  • A product range, such as Trains that is only offered in stores at certain times of the year, or which stores don't carry all items in the range.
  • A promotional product, such as the 3442 LEGOLAND California Truck that is developed for internal promotional use

Note that many "hard to find" items are available in LEGO Brand Stores as well as through Shop at Home

"Hard to find" does not seem to correlate with whether sets are currently in production or not.

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