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Guilds of Historica (GoH) is a combination of team building challenge and role-playing game based around a dedicated forum on Eurobricks(EB).

What started as a project to encourage historical-themed builders has grown into a fan developed theme and game. In the game participants choose a faction from a set of guilds and create a sig-fig to represent themselves. Regular contests are held where players build MOCs in the style favoured by their guild and win points for their chosen guild.


The guilds might more accurately be described as cultures or nations and have distinct characteristics based on the geography and a historical/fantasy culture used as a model.

Guild Colours Historical/Fantasy model Geography
Mitgardia yellow and green Vikings snowy northern lands
Kaliphlin red and blue Byzantine/Arabic southern desert
Avalonia green Britain green fields, forests
Nocturnus red and gold Dwarves jungle, mountains
Varlyrio white and gold Renaissance sea traders (ie: Venice, Spain) sub-tropical islands

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