Great Basin LEGO Train Club

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Great Basin LEGO Train Club

Website URL Great Basin LEGO Train Club site
Services and activities Real Life: LEGO displays at model train shows
Online: website
Year founded Late 1990s
Membership type(s)
Membership cost Free
Target audience
Discussion groups? Uses ULUG Google Newsgroup (only members can read and post)

The Great Basin LEGO Train Club (GBLT&C) is a LEGO train club for Utah and the surrounding areas.


The club was founded by Reed Cowan in the late 1990s. It had only close family as support and was more of a shared interest hobby. Reed began collecting LEGO trains in the late 1980s, so by the time the club was formed he already had a great collection. In 2003 at the Hostlers Model Railroad Show in Ogden, Utah, the club showcased its collection for the first time. The layout consisted of two separate large oval tracks displayed on two tables. There were two running trains and some support structures, but that was it. It still got rave reviews! Word spread of the LEGO trains and the club has now shown its collection in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada at various shows. The first club of its kind in Utah, GBLT&C is very popular at shows. Reed and his family were the only ones doing the shows for nearly 5 years. In late 2006, Gary McIntire, the founder of ULUG, was searching the Internet to see if there was any interest in LEGO in Utah. He came across the GBLT&C web page and subsequently contacted Reed, who attended ULUG's first meeting in late September 2006. It was decided that the two clubs, ULUG and GBLT&C, would be kept separate but would work together at various shows. The first taste of the 2 clubs working together was in November of 2006 in Salt Lake City at a local model train show. It fueled the passion for the first official multi-club layout that was unveiled at Thanksgiving Point in January 2007. They continue their efforts with shows throughout the year and look forward to a bright future.

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