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From Bricks to Bothans

Website URL
Services and activities Real life: none.
Online: Discussion,
breaking news, feature
articles, MOC galleries
Year founded 1999?
Membership type(s) None, register to post
Membership cost Free
Target audience AFOLs, especially those
that are fans of Star Wars worldwide
Discussion groups? Open to read, registration to post.

From Bricks to Bothans (FBTB) is a Star Wars related community.

FBTB hosts a discussion forum on LEGO and Star Wars related topics. It is often the place to get breaking news on new Star Wars LEGO releases, and the site sometimes has prerelease photos or information. It also hosts galleries where custom MOCs are presented.

Greg Hyland, of AFOLs comic fame, periodically draws a Star Wars LEGO related one-panel comic that FBTB hosts.


FBTB was founded by Tim Saupe and Ace Kim in 1999, making it one of the older communities.

Technical Information

FBTB Forums are based on the open-source phpBB bulletin board package. Using BBCode, you can apply formatting to your forum posts.

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