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Logo for FreeLUG


Website URL
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings, shows, projects and displays
Online: web discussion group, website
Year founded February 2003
Membership type(s) Open to all LEGO fans
Membership cost 16+ : 15€/year
16- : 10€/year
Target audience General interest, francophiles,
and French speakers, or geographic:
ALEs from french speaking countries or areas
Discussion groups? Members only website with many groups and a public group

FreeLUG is the French enthusiast LEGO Users Group.

FreeLUG is mainly an on-line group, offering mail and chatroom access to discussion. Use is free, although paid membership provides access to a few additional features. Members are mainly french speakers from France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Québec, and consist of over one hundred fifty members.

FreeLUG annual event takes place each year in July in a different town.

FreeLUG was officially founded in February 2003.

The current steering committee members are Erik Amzallag, Emmanuel Bonnard, Pierre Charles, Pierrick Dauny, Daniela Drost, Nicolas Huyard, Pierre Laurenge, Richard Lemeiter, Jérôme Tessier, Laurent Thévenard and Xavier Viallefont

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