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Fleshies or peachies are terms used by many AFOLs to refer to the minifigs produced with peach-coloured heads and hands rather than the traditional yellow.

The LEGO Company made the switch to more realistic flesh-tones for all minifigs which represent real people (either as themselves or actors playing characters on film or television.) This generally means any licensed themes such as Harry Potter or Star Wars are affected while non-licensed themes such as Vikings or Trains use the original yellow figs. This paradigm was turned on its head somewhat with the introduction of products based on The Simpsons whose cartoon characters are mostly yellow-skinned.


Many AFOLs were upset by the introduction of race to Legoland which had, until then, been a homogenous place. The introduction of more realistic skin tones, while more inclusive, has forced many in the community to face issues of racism, prejudice and colonialism. The use of the term fleshie is one example of such issues. It refers only to the peach-coloured elements yet such colouration is clearly caucasian. The first attempt at true skin colours was the Lando Calrissian minifig using brown elements which appeared two years earlier in 2003 in the set Cloud City(10123).

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