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BrickWikiLowOrth.png(512 × 384 pixels, file size: 36 KB, MIME type: image/png)

Yet another iteration of the logo.

--Admins, could you run "mogrify -trim BrickWikiLowOrth.png" on this file. It has a lot of transparent crap off the side which I forgot to trim. Tim 17:11, 29 September 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Sure, and this one looks really good. --Venkatesh 19:38:54, 2005-09-29 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Cheers, Rosco helped me get it right. Tim 19:44, 29 September 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
I still think it's too shiny (I am basically not a fan of reflections at all on LEGO element renders) but it's way better than the previous ones and it really achieves the colors and is a nice balance. Good work, both of you. It's a keeper, unless you want to try a version with no reflectivity at all... ++Lar 21:46, September 29, 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Is your Lego not that shiny? You need to keep it in a tidier place (just kidding, mine tends to get covered in dust but I'm not raytracing that). The problem with changing the reflectance is I have to dig into the texture files which comprise of over 3000 files (I don't know why, ask Todd Lehman) unless I can find some switch in POVray for it. The angle is easily dealt with however, I gave it a small camera angle to add a touch of realism but if you very much prefer pure orthogonal I can rerender it. Tim 05:04, 30 September 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
I love the blueness of the blue on it. Its just like cerulean from the crayola boxes of so long ago. One note though. I love reflections and radeosity and all that. But I convert the images to GIFs to put them in the corner (because of MSIE and PNG transparency issues). So you only get 256 colors, ruining the effect of the reflections and magic. --Venkatesh 22:22:57, 2005-09-29 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Pah! People with IE need to upgrade if they can't view PNG. It is the file format recommended by the W3 consortium AFAIK so any browser should be able to view it to be worthy of the name. More seriously, see what IM convert does when converting to GIF. It can be pretty good at the reduction of colours. Tim 05:04, 30 September 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
I agree IM does a great job - look at the top right now. But its just something to keep in mind. And just for reference, the 2nd most common browser in use by visitors to this site is MS IE, at 10% percent of requests. --Venkatesh 12:42:59, 2005-09-30 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Excellent news that FF is most common. I'll do future versions with a white background which I'll then convert to transparent. Tim 13:28, 30 September 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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