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Battle in progress at Gen Con 2003, taken by Frank Filz.
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Evil Stevie's Pirate Game or ESPG is a LEGO gaming system for ship and individual level combat originated by Steve Jackson. It uses plotted movement and has ship to ship combat rules. Mix of a miniatures and RPG.

Game Mechanics

  • Players typically start with one small vessel and a limited number of figures, which they place on the vessel
  • Turns consist of a sequence of actions carried out in parallel
    • GM reveals wind speed and direction
    • Players plot movement in "LEGO inches" including starting facing and midcourse turns (45 degree resolution)
    • Movement is revealed and carried out. Collisions are resolved
    • Players announce and carry out cannon fire
    • Players announce and carry out crew actions (boarding, exploring islands, recruit castaways, loading treasure, etc)
    • Players announce and carry out small arms fire and hand to hand combat
  • When players reach port, they can suttle their treasure and prize ships and possibly upgrade ship size or hire additional crew

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