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The EV3 intelligent brick is LEGO's studless third-generation programmable brick and successor to the NXT. It is the heart of Mindstorms EV3 (31313).


EV3 Components[EV3]


  • 300 MHz Texas Instruments Sitara AM1808 (ARM9 core) processor
  • 64 MB RAM main memory
  • 64 KB RAM

Digital Interfaces

  • WiFi Optional dongle via USB port
  • microSDHC Slot
  • Bluetooth wireless communication
  • USB host port
  • USB slave port
  • 4 input ports, 6 wire digital platform
  • 4 output ports, 6 wire digital platform
  • 6 front buttons

User Interfaces

  • 178 x 128 pixels Monochrome LCD
  • Speaker


  • The EV3 intelligent brick is powered by 6 AA type batteries. The NXT Education version comes with a rechargeable lithium battery pack with an AC plug. This power source can be used with the retail version of the EV3 without any problem. The rechargeable battery pack simply replaces the bottom cover of the NXT Brick, although it does increase the overall height of the NXT by one stud so one must be careful and leave sufficient room when building with the standard NXT if a rechargeable battery will be used in the future.


  • .EV3, the official LEGO EV3 visual programming environment
  • RobotC by Carnegie Mellon University, including the [ Robotics Academy: a C-based programming environment designed to work on the RCX and NXT was developing support for the EV3 as of February 2014.
  • BricxCC (Bricx Command Center) by John Hansen: an IDE for programming the the various LEGO programmable bricks will support EVC, leJOS, and the GNU C/C++/Pascal compiler for the ARM9 linux.[JH] Test releases of BricxCC can downloaded here.
  • C/C++ using the Sorcery G++ Lite toolchains[LM3] and other languages as they mature.
  • python

Device Interaction

There are also options available for interacting with the NXT brick from other devices. These include:

Firmware and Operating Systems

The LEGO-supplied firmware can be updated or replaced to provide additional or different functionality. The EV3 can also boot from the microSD card, enabling an otherwise stock EV3 to take on a completely different personality. Some options are:


Mindstorms Compatibility

The EV3 is backwards compatible with all LEGO NXT devices. However EV3 devices are not designed to work with the NXT.

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