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This article is about an activity. For the technical details of the molding process go to Draft (molding).

In the LEGO context a draft (or drafting) usually refers to a process, carried out by at least two people (but more often several), for equitably dividing up the parts from one or more sets or collections so that all participants feel that they got parts with a value proportional to what they put in. It is often carried out at club meetings as a fun activity since the interaction among participants can often be quite amusing.


There are many variants in the process, see the links below, but the basic steps are as follows (order can be changed to suit)

  • Obtain sets or a collection and know what the value is
  • Identify the number of participants (or number of shares, in some variants a participant can buy more than one share if desired)
  • Part out or sort the sets or collection to identify what parts are in it and how many
  • Draw lots or determine order of selection in some manner
  • Determine parts to be taken per lot
  • in selection order, each participant takes the number of parts to be taken
  • Repeat until all parts are taken

Variants often seen are:

  • every second selection pass is in the opposite order
  • participants can mutually decide at the end of a pass to increase the number of parts per selection (as the parts are taken, lower and lower value parts remain)

External Links

  • MichLUG PDF file on the process they use
  • SEALUG methodology as posted to LUGNET
  • (there are others out there, please add them if you find them)

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