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A deeplink is a link to an internal page on a website, rather than that site's home page. In the context of Brickshelf, a deeplink leads directly to an image's location rather than to a page containing the image.

Brickshelf images are moderated, but deeplinks work immediately, so providing a link to a folder or image that isn't yet moderated (adding one image to a folder causes the whole folder to need to be moderated again) lets users see the image in your post, article, blog entry etc. and is considered by many a good practice.

Here is an example of a Brickshelf image demonstrating this

Type URL used Clickable example
Folder link folder
Image link image
deeplink link deeplink

Note that only the deeplink shows the real folder path and real image name. To get a deeplink, "click through" till you have the URL in the last form. Only the image uploader can do this, and only while logged in, till the image is moderated. Everyone else will get a "not yet moderated" message when they click the Folder link or the Image link.

Note further that a quirk of BrickWiki is that a bare link will work to present an image, so here's the image we have been using in our example:


(image taken by Larry Pieniazek (who places it in GFDL) at the NMRA/NTS show in Cincinnati, July 2005)

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