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Website URL
Services and activities Online: Discussion, MOC Highlights, Space Concept Art
Year founded 2001? (Forums added 2004)
Membership type(s) None, register to post
Membership cost Free
Target audience Fans of LEGO 13 years old or older, with a particular interest in the LEGO Space theme
Discussion groups? Open to read, registration to post.


About is a discussion site and community with resources centered around the LEGO theme of Space. In addition to forums, hosts Chris Giddens' Pre-Classic Space creations and an extensive gallery of space concept art for inspiration.

Although it isn't directly hosted on, the C-S home page also includes a link to the Moonbase standard -- an important and popular fan-created building standard.

History was created by Jon Palmer. For a long while, its sole purpose was hosting the Moonbase Module site. In 2004, the Classic-Space Forums were added.


In May 2007 a decision by the CSF management to ban (later revised to separate) clone and non-pure bricks in the forums led to widespread controversy both on the forum [1] and on the flickr group [2]. The subsequent activities and debates led to at least four people quitting the site, with two later returning.

Technical Information is based on the open-source e107 Content Management System. It includes a news page, discussion forum, bug tracker and picture gallery, among other things.

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