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Classic-Castle Roleplay

Website URL
Services and activities Online: Roleplaying and discussion thereof
Year founded January 31, 2004
Membership type(s) None, register to post
Membership cost Free
Target audience Fans of LEGO 13 years old or older who like to write and roleplay
Discussion groups? Open to read, registration to post.

The Classic-Castle Roleplay was an online text-based roleplay, a continuing story written by LEGO castle fans with a taste for storytelling.


Creation History

The Classic-Castle Roleplay, also known as the CC Roleplay or just more commonly CCRP, was founded by Nathan Wells and Nikos Dametreos in late January of 2004. Nikos does not participate anymore, but due to his efficient management of the roleplay Nathan Wells became the Gaming Admin at, and together with the later-appointed Gaming Mods Michael A. Joosten and Micah Berger, they managed the CCRP and its members.


The Classic-Castle Roleplay revolved around the world of Dametreos (named after Nikos Dametreos), a magical world filled with medieval fantasy and adventure. Dametreos consisted of a mainland and many large and small islands arranged around it. Sixteen seperate factions (roughly based upon all the official factions released by the LEGO Group since the beginning of the Castle line) reside in Dametreos: the Black Falcons, the Black Knights, the Bull Knights, Classic LEGOland, the Crusaders, Dark Forest, the Dragon Masters, the Forestmen, the Fright Knights, Knight's Kingdom (also known as Western Knight's Kingdom), Knights' Kingdom II (also known as Eastern Knight's Kingdom), Ninja, the Royal Knights, the Shadow Knights and the Wolfpack. Two other factions, the Vikings and the Pirates, ruled the high seas with no particular territory. The factions lived in a state of peaceful co-existance, though there were often wars, feuds and plots which most of the stories centered around.

One notable factor of the roleplay was its story connection with the Chronicles Of Ikros. Originally, some characters made casual, off-hand references to Ikros, which was said to be located far across the sea. Later, Anthony Sava, the author of the Chronicles, joined the roleplay for a while and wrote a story focusing on the brief invasion of corrupt Ikrosian soldiers hunting for the true heir to the throne, which took place hundreds of years after the events of the Chronicles, in which the kingdom of Ikros had declined under the rule of a false king. After some fighting, the invaders were defeated by the Forestmen and the young heir was saved. Also, the foreign wizard Solesstorn was said to have studied at the magical school that appeared in the Chronicles, and also made several references to the knights of Ikros. These plots therefore put Ikros and Dametreos in the same universe, opening new possibilities for future stories.


Over the course of spring 2006, activity slowed to a crawl, as most of the players moved on with their lives or simply lost interest. A second "reborn" roleplay was started in the summer of 2006, this time focusing on made-up factions, but after a few weeks of strong activity, it also became stagnant, and now sees only occasional posts and new characters. The resulting demise of the Gaming section of is generally attributed to the "growing up" of the primary contributors. Both Nathan Wells and Michael Joosten are now are in college, and the other contributing members are busy with other matters. But the previous members still look back on it fondly, considering it to be a good run while it lasted.


On the 31st of January 2007 (the birthday of the first roleplay), Sir Kohran started a new roleplay, going back to the roots of the original by using the official Castle factions, and also the possibility of the 2007 Castle line (thugh this has not occurred yet). Whilst the new roleplay has not seen as much general activity as the second, it is still progressing steadily with new adventures and characters.

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